Fantastiske produktioner leveret med en fleksibilitet og entusiasme man sjældent møder andre steder. Vi føler altid at Korsager Studio leverer 10% ekstra value for money.
— Thomas Christensen // Wonderful Copenhagen

About Korsager Studio

Established in 2005 Korsager Studio is a digital production house based i Copenhagen. We conceptualize and produce high end video, animation and VFX.

In our studio we have professional video editing and sound recording / editing facilities, and we have our own camera gear inhouse. Sony FS7, Panasonic GH5 and various Canon DSLRs at this point of time.

Among our clients you find Wonderful Copenhagen, COOP, Red Bull, Copenhagen Capacities, Lionsgate, Nordisk Film and Egmont.

We live in an old furniture workshop in Nørrebro where we always rent out 4 tables to creative likeminded people. These fantastic people are a part of our everyday life, and we use and help eachother with various projects.

Right now these creative professionals are living and working with us in Korsager Studio:

Frame And Work

Made By Kristoffer

& Bech